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iMyfone Umate Pro is a very useful tool with which you can transfer all your multimedia files from your iOS device to your desktop computer, making your smartphone as it was on the first day you got it: fast, safe, and with free space.

The interface is specially designed for all the users who have never used similar tools before, so it's simple and efficient to use. The first feature lets you clean all the trash files that are taking up space that you no longer use, like temporary files and all of that. In this tab, you can see all of your photos and select them one by one to delete them, fully aware of what they are. With the second feature, you can completely clean your device's memory, deleting all that it contains. Because of the severity of this action, you should be careful and make sure you don't lose important documents.

The fourth tab in iMyfone Umate Pro is made for all the important elements of the device, like messages, contacts, images, calendar, call history... select everything you want to save or delete according to your needs. With all of these features, you'll see in full detail all the relevant data for each element. And all of the options offered by this tool let you get rid of everything you don't need that's just taking up space. This way, you can gain space and use a faster and safer device.
By Merche Contreras
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